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TURKISH TECHNIC  tests, repairs and overhauls hydraulic components for Boeing (B737-400, B737NG and B777) and Airbus (A300, A310, A320 family, A330 and A340) aircraft with computerized test benches.

Hydraulic systems are composed of many individual items with different functions such as fluid pressurizing units, fluid transferring units, cylinder actuating units, motor rotating units and the units controlling the aircraft flight control surfaces.  

Highly pressurized (3000psi/5000psi) fluid used in hydraulic systems is controlled with servo motors in milliamperes sensitivity.
Pressure indicators, swithces, pressure transducers and valves are other accessories used in hydraulic systems.

ATA Chapter 
Main Capabilities 
 27  Spoiler Actuators, Servo Control Actuators, Flap/Slat Actuators 
 29  Engine Driven Pumps, AC Pumps, Reservoirs, Hoses
 32  Retraction Actuators, Up/Down Locks, Steering Valves, Dampers, Brake System Components, Servo Valves
 49  Oil pumps, Lube Pumps
 52  Snubbers, Manual Selector Valves, Cargo Door Actuators
 78  Thrust Reverser Actuation System Components

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